The data-reduction pipeline for the SOXS instrument (a python package with command-line tools).

Documentation for soxspipe is hosted by Read the Docs (last stable version and latest version). The code lives on github. Please report any issues you find here.

API Reference



common tools used throughout package

The pipeline recipes


Testing the rendering of docstings - feel free to remove this module


Unit testing tools



The worker class for the keyword_lookup module


The worker class for the sof module used to homogenise various frame input formats (sof file, directory of fits fits, list of fits file paths) into a CCDProc ImageFileCollection

The soxs_mbias recipe

The soxs_mdark recipe



the database object for sherlock, setting up ssh tunnels and various database connections

Release Notes

  • inject a ‘SOXSPIPE PRE’ keyword with timestamp value into prepared frames

  • check frames for ‘SOXSPIPE PRE’ keyword before preparing - raises exception if found

  • moved basic input frame verifications to the _base_recipe - so not to repeat code

  • added mixing of readout speeds to input frame verification checks

  • added a cleanup method to remove intermediate file once receipe completes

  • removed python 2.7 support - not feasible with CCDProc

v0.2.0 - February 27, 2020

  • added keyword lookups - abstracting exact keyword names from code